About Us

Shilpa Coolers & Furnitures Pvt. Ltd. specializes in production of coolers and wide range of furniture products. 40 years of experience has gave us the potential to be the best in the market.

Why To Buy Stuff From Us?

We are totally focused on delivering quality and durable products to our customers. From raw materials to final products we use exceptional quality stuff to produce the best products.

After sales service is an important part and we understand this. We won’t just promise to provide good services but we will help you with the most timely after sales services for your better experience. 


We are committed to serve durable and modernly designed products to our clients.


Trust is the key. With lots of happy and loyal customers, we set a trend and build trust in the market.


Innovation is our USP. We get inspire and innovate something different for you constantly.


Purchased with us and want support? We're are available 24/7 for you. For sure.

Get best offers on customized products!

Best quality coolers and furniture products at unbeatable prices!

Have any design in your mind for furniture? We can innovate what you’ve imagined! Get exceptional customized furniture products at best prices.

We will understand and know exactly what you want. Thus, you will get the exact product and better services from our side.

We don’t believe in charging more than you believe. We will help you with the most affordable and durable products. You will definitely get what you pay for. 

Faster shipping

Order anything and we'll not let you wait for long. We are focused on delivering products faster.

Unbeatable QUALITY

When it comes you quality, we are toughest competitor! We build and deliver the best.

Exciting Offers

We constantly keep launching different offers on our products. These offers can be really beneficial for you.

Secure Payments

Once you've decided to purchase, you don't have to worry about payments. We support safe payment methods.