Best metal furniture in India

Best metal furniture in India

There is no doubt that metal furniture is adapted widely these days. And when it comes to adding furniture beauty in homes or offices, people consider metal furniture more than ever before.

We cannot deny that metal furniture is a compact, affordable and stylish alternative to wood furniture if compared properly.

It can be easily installed and maintained as compared to other furniture types. 

People often get confused while deciding which furniture should they buy for their lovely homes and offices. To help you choose the best. We have a list of the best metal furniture products available in India. 

Shilpa coolers and furniture have been in the production industry for more than 2 decades. We feel immense pride and joy to announce that we are now helping people with wooden furniture products as well.

But for now, let’s have a look at the best metal furniture products we have for you.

Product # 1 – 5 Door Oscar

This giant wardrobe is specially designed for your homes that have high storage capacity needs. It is made with top-notch quality raw materials to give it a long life.


  1. Spray pretreatment 9 tank chemical process with powder coating. 
  2. Fully Knockdown furniture.

– SIZE 22 x 82 x 78

Product #2 – Metal Bed.

Our most recent and unique product from the list. The metal bed. It comes with an appropriate size and special design to give your bedroom a classic look. No worries about bed bugs at all. Its premium metal material makes it the best bed available in India.

Product #3 – Classic Locker

Keep your important stuff safe with our brand new classic lockers. Whether it’s a schoolroom, shop, or office, this locker provides complete security to save your essentials easily.

Product #4 – 3 Door Adam

Compact yet sufficient. This metal furniture is one of the most premium products of our brand. Helps you store accessories, clothing items, and essentials with a locker facility.

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