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Shilpa Coolers & Furniture Pvt. Ltd. – Making Cupboards and coolers since 40 years

Hello viewers, in this article I’m going to introduce our company and share some amazing facts and figures that are the biggest milestone for us as a brand. Yeah, I know you’ll be thinking come on, give us something interesting but it’s just the beginning. Let’s get started with the introduction! After that we’ve so much to share & so much to talk about.

First of all, let me tell you something about us like, Who are we?

We’re a metal cooler manufacturer, Metal furniture maker in Rajkot, Gujarat. We started back in 1975 and since then there has been no looking back theory.

In the starting of the journey, there were so many questions raised on us & problems faced by us. As we all know, beginning is the hardest. Right?

Since 40 years we are immensely focused on providing the finest quality cooling and furniture products to our customers.

As consumers, you people need to be looked after and served the best. We believe that providing best value to the customers in return for their money is the most amazing way to build long term relationship.

You know, We’ve a simple agenda. Understand client’s need, show them the best we have for them, assure that it’s on the unbeatable price and once its get sold, help them with good after sales service whenever they need it.

And when it comes to innovating something new, we never take a step back. We want to make our customers be different from the crowd. In Fact we’re doing it since long. We design different amazing fully knockdown furniture products, heavy air coolers etc for different companies.

It’s not a philosophy peeps, These are FACTS!

So now, I’ll like to let you know about our amazing products which can be very much helpful for you.

INSANE FURNITURE PRODUCTS – Whether it is your home, office or any other workspace, we have the most beautiful and joyous products for you.

We can help you with, best metal furniture in the town, quality office furniture like filing cabinets, storewells, baby storewells etc. Currently we are one of the best metal furniture manufacturers in rajkot. For more info about furniture products, visit –

EFFECTIVE COOLING SOLUTIONS – In last 5/7 years, summer has been continuously showing its increasing effects year by year. People who love to get fresh air of coolers have been trapped by big companies in the trap of fake quality and higher prices.

But as I told you, we have a strong mission to provide best value to our customers in return for their money.

We help our customers with, duct air coolers for home, industrial coolers, jointless coolers etc.After continuous hard work of 40 years we’re able to be one of the most exceptional metal air cooler manufacturers in india.

For more info about cooling products, visit –

​Are you in search of a brand which can serve you quality, effective and reasonable furniture and coolers? Shilpa Coolers & Furniture Is The Best Option. And when we say it, we really mean it. We promise to help you with unbeatable priced products having superior quality and long life

Contact Us For Pricing & Purchase Information : +91 98252 30634 ​

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