Metal Air Cooler VS Plastic Air Cooler

Hello readers. We got so many questions online regarding comparison of plastic and metal air coolers

Customers who visit us, are also so confused both the types coolers! They ask us why don’t we produce and sell plastic air coolers?

There are some benefits and pros of using a METAL AIR COOLER.

And this article is specially published to let our users and viewers know how are METAL AIR COOLERS better than PLASTIC AIR COOLERS.

So let’s get started.


1.These days as summers are so hot and unbearable, it is important for us to make more efficient air cooling solutions. A Metallic air cooler can bare more heat as compared to plastic one.

  • Suppose you’ve kept a plastic cooler in open space during summer for any function or occasion it will not able to throw cool air for a long time as it’s plastic gets hot itself. Where as metal coolers come with kindgood coating on them and they can bear heat and give cooler air efficiently.

2.Next is that a plastic air cooler comes with plastic plates due to which it can cover less area. When it covers less area it will not be able to cool larger part of your space. This will lead to more electricity usage as you have to keep it on for more period of time.

  • We make METAL AIR COOLER in such a way that you get fresh, cooler air with a decent flow. Shilpa Evaporative coolers help you cover a larger area with less electricity consumption which saves your money!

3.Here’s a fact which most of the buyers don’t know. Imagine your plastic air cooler falls down or gets damaged somehow. And you want to get it repaired ASAP! DO YOU KNOW? It can’t be repaired. Yes. You cannot get a PLASTIC COOLER BODY repaired.

  • Whereas a metal cooler can be repaired easily. Whether its a spare part or any other issue, it can be fixed.

4.Most amazing thing about branded metal air cooler is that they are affordable. You can buy them at almost half the price of the plastic air cooler. Isn’t it amazing

5.Metallic air coolers are best suitable for outdoor events. They cover way larger outer area then plastic cooler. Plastic cooler can only cover up-to 500 sq ft.

  • Duct coolers, tent coolers etc are the most adopted types of air coolers for cooling wider area.

How can we help?

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