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A big hello to all of you from all of us here at SHILPA INDUSTRIES.
We hope your December and furious winter is going amazing.
As this is the last article for 2019, we thought to discuss about our infrastructure.

Let us know you that what does infrastructure includes. It consists of, Machinery, Technology, Work system and other production amenities.

As the trends and time changes we need to upgrade ourselves in order to survive and compete with the other players on the ground and we know it well.

That is why we regularly check whether we’re everything is on fleek and correct or not.

Being in this industry for 40 years, we never allow ourselves to make silly mistakes during production which can be harmful for our consumers.

We know our strengths, limitations and plus points well. Which helps us to be the best when it comes to manufacturing of metal furniture and coolers in India.

Now let us tell you what’s Unique in the INFRASTRUCTURE PART here at SHILPA INDUSTRIES.

Machinery and Technology which helped us reduce production time, cost and improve the quality of the products.

Let’s Have A Look At Our MACHINERY COLLECTION which makes our products the best and the most efficient.

1st – Automatic Laser Cutting.

  • This technology helps us to cut complex shapes more efficiently. This enables us to complete the process at a faster speed than other methods.
  • It is a fact that the laser cutting offers reduced error probabilities, better quality and high class product furnishing.

2nd – Bending On CNC machine.

  • Helps us complete difficult tasks with more detailing.
  • Brings safety and flexibility in manufacturing.
  • Reduces production time, failure possibilities.
  • It has automatic tool length setter.

3rd – Spray Pre Treatment.

  • Better quality of results.
  • Increased efficiency of production.
  • Better furnishing of the products.
  • And much more.

4th – Automatic Conveyor Plant.

  • It helps us build the products which have better looks, less errors and more durability.
  • It increases the speed of manufacturing.
  • Reduces production difficulties.
  • Helps us provide better products to the end users.

In short these facilities are specially organised for betterment of our customers. If the product is better, consumer experience will be better and it will lead to consumer satisfaction and this will provide them the most value of their money.

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