Metallic Almirahs Make Your Rooms Shine More.

Yes. It is a fact. Metal furniture is more in demand these days. It is better than wooden furniture in many ways.
Durable quality, Better looks, Easy shifting, Better prices, Better colours, Better designs and much more.

Metal furniture was the only type of furniture people used in historical times. It is a traditional product which has been modernised by manufactures producing metal furniture these days.

We don’t just say that METAL FURNITURE IS MORE BENEFICIAL just for the sake of saying it. First let us know you the biggest advantage of it. You don’t have to spend your valuable time solving pest problems when you buy a metal furniture product.


For years, we have focused on quality along with designs and looks. This is because we know that the consumers don’t only want durable products but they want great looking furniture to decorate their rooms and other parts of home too.

Let’s Have A Look At Our Best Selling Almirah.

Silver Plus

Features like, Beautiful Colours, More storing space and Elegant looks make this almirah one of our best.

Add On Features
• Spray Pretreatment 9 tank Process With Powder Coating. – (Rust Free and Pest Free)
• Fully Knockdown. (Easy to carry anywhere any time)
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Four door giant almirah with amazing features.

Four door almirah 

This product gives you a luxurious feeling. Its classy looks with most storing capacity can help you in many ways. We are working on developing more of these 4 door cupboards for your needs.

It’s Features include,
• Spray Pretreatment 9 tank Process With Powder Coating.
• Fully Knockdown
SIZE 22 x 63 x 78

Newest 2 door cupboard manufactured by us.

2 door dona

The 2 door dona cupboard is one of the latest furniture products we made. Our focus was to add one more 2 door cupboard as it is most in demand these days.

We’ve kept the designs and colours classy and sobar.

Core Features
• Spray Pretreatment 9 tank Process With Powder Coating.
• Fully Knockdown
SIZE 19 x 36 x 78

Our Almirahs can indeed make your interior look more royal, decent and cool at the same time. Want to buy OFFICE OR HOME furniture products?
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