Metal Body Air Cooler Is The Most Preferred Cooling Option This QUARANTINE SUMMER.

Quarantine Time Is On! & Everybody is at home. Summers are coming in too! These are the perfect conditions to install a super decent evaporative cooler to spend some chill time with your family at your own place!

When we talk about summers in India, it is quite necessary to have an efficient cooling system which is also affordable at the same time.

As, SCF, we manufacture & sell our premium quality metallic Air Coolers since 40+ years & it has given us a hell lot of experience of people’s choices, their needs & expectations from a product.

People prefer, durability over low price & thus METAL BODY AIR COOLERS ARE CONSIDERED AS THE BEST.

This is because Metal Body Air Coolers are more efficient, effective, affordable & eco-friendly when compared to plastic air coolers.

In Indian conditions, where temperature almost reaches 45 degrees, metallic Air Coolers work the best. Whereas plastic coolers are ineffective.

Let’s Have A Look At It’s Main Benefits

More Power Efficient- When you use metallic air cooler you can run at a lesser speed this causes lesser use of electricity and ultimately it is cost effective.

Eco-friendly. – Metal body can be recycled easily as compared to plastic body. So now, if you buy metalic air cooler, indirectly you’re helping in saving environment too.

Affordable – Obviously Metal Body Air cooler are more affordable than air conditioners. In conditions where you need to run air coolers for long time, it’s quite essential to select affordable solutions.

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