This Blog Will Help You Choose Appropriate Air Cooler For Your Home

As covid-19 has made us stay home for a long period of time it’s quite necessary to pack ourselves in your houses to stay safe and thinking that we decided to make a blog on different types of air coolers which can help you stay cool in your home.

So let’s get started.

First of all we need to understand that countries like India have much higher temperatures as compared two other countries during summer so ordinary air coolers fail to provide the best and effective performance that is why Shilpa air coolers are made in such a way that you get the most appropriate and effective cooling through them.

These days many different brands provide unique cooling solutions that is why it is necessary to find and buy the correct cooler.

These are the types air coolers available as options in the market,

Personalized Air coolers.

Personal coolers are normally meant to be used and small and packed areas like hostel rooms, bedrooms and other little spaces. These are comparatively small compact and portable cooling units that can be placed near bed, dining and couch area. You can find these air coolers in water storage capacity of up to 50 liters with castor wheels for trouble-free movability. Other than portability, the best attributes of these coolers include less energy consumption and quiet operation. Visit This Link To See –

Tall Tower Like Coolers.

These coolers are the slimmer version of air coolers suitable for places with space crunch. The tall tower-like coolers offered by SHILPA are sleek and elegant in design which help them cool compact spaces with panache. Visit This Link To See –

Duct Coolers.

Specially made to deliver powerful cooling. Duct coolers often cool the spaces faster than any other coolers. They come with a cooling capacity of 200 square feet, Float balls for continuous Water Supply and with Movable Trolley for easy shifting. Visit This Link To See –


We provide effective cooling solutions – In the last 5/7 years, summer has been continuously showing its increasing effects year by year. People who love to get fresh air from coolers have been trapped by big companies in the trap of fake quality and higher prices.

But, we have a strong mission to provide best value to our customers in return  for their money. 

We help our customers with duct air coolers for home, industrial coolers, jointless coolers etc.After continuous hard work of 40 years we’re able to be one of the most exceptional metal air cooler manufacturers in india. 

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Are you in search of a brand which can serve you quality, effective and reasonable furniture and coolers? Shilpa Coolers & Furniture Is The Best Option. And when we say it, we really mean it. We promise to help you with unbeatable priced products having superior quality and long life 

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