5 Super Tips

To Increase The Life Of Your Coolers.

These days it is very important to maintain the cooling assets if you want them to last long and provide better results. Cooler manufacturing companies give their best while making the products.

But it is so obvious that the consumer has to take care and follow the tips and tricks to maintain their coolers well.

At Shilpa Coolers & Furniture Pvt Ltd, we innovate with best in class raw materials to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

And when it comes to maintaining coolers and keeping them uptodate, we’ve some free advice to give! Wanna know? Let’s go!

1 – Oiling Of Motor & Pump. – It will help machinery parts run smoothly and more efficiently. Do this often. Ask help from the experts if needed. We can help you through this process, contact us when it’s necessary.

2 – Clean Water Tanks To Prevent Scaling. – This is so essential to maintain hygiene, increase efficiency and get better results. Cleaning water tanks will cause less heat transfer difficulties and coolers will provide you better cooling!

3 – Reviewing for any loose connections in internal electrical components & cleaning of the parts like submersible pump, impeller etc for proper water flow. – Doing this will help you prevent any major loss in your cooler and it can help you save your cooler from destruction. Keep checking and reviewing that all parts are okay and not damaged. Try to keep pumps and impeller clean for better and effective water flow.

4 – Cleaning of water distribution pipe/ channels for even distribution of water on all sides. – This process is 100% essential. If you do this on – time whenever needed you’ll face less problems and the water flow will be equal on all sides. Clean the distribution pipes with the help of instructions and you’re ready to go! It is not so difficult + it helps you increase the life of your cooler.

Last but not the least

5 – Cleaning of external and internal parts of the cooler. – This will give you overall idea. You should keep checking, cleaning and repairing the internal & external parts of your coolers when needed. Clean external parts and body to make your cooler look new and shiny!

This is it! This is all, what you’ve to do to keep your coolers up to date!

For more tips and tricks, visit – https://shilpaindustrial.com/tips-and-tricks/

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