for making your home energy efficient.

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In this article we are going to talk about making your home ENERGY EFFICIENT!

I know you people need this! As we all are frustrated with the huge amounts of electricity bills, we need to cut down some costs to keep the things in budget. While, there are some factors of energy consumption that we cannot control but there are multiple factors which we can! These tips will help you make your home Energy Efficient and Environment Friendly also.

Here are the tips!

1. Leave old gadgets and switch to the latest, more energy-efficient commodities.
As we all know we, be so lazy and not do not replace and change our old electric and other household equipment. Do you know, you should change these equipment after using them for 3 / 5 years.

It will save your money as you won’t require to repair the gadgets again and again. It will also not lead to high-energy consumption.

2. I’ll advise you to Invest in energy saving products instead of regular products.
Technology has changed the way our household equipment consume energy. Energy-efficient products like air coolers, solar heaters and LED lights are the smart choices.

As compared to traditional products, they consume less electricity and deliver better user experience. The initial investment in energy-efficient products is a bit higher. But huge savings made over a period is a huge advantage.

These days, smart and innovative things also provides advantages. For example, an air cooler can easily placed as a substitute of an air-conditioner.

Thus, bedroom and other packed areas can be cooled along with open areas like gardens and lawns. Here’s a fact – air coolers consume 10/12 timeless energy than air conditioners.

3. Choose branded and energy star gadgets every time.
I’ve noticed that people have some misconceptions like branded goods are too expensive as compared to local products. But, It is not like that. Branded products assure you minimum time of warranty and good after sales services.

You have advantages like easy maintenance, user friendly usage and premium quality of spare parts. These things set a branded product different from others.We often live with the misconception that branded goods are highly expensive in comparison to assembled or local products.

In reality, it is quite the opposite. Branded products come with a minimum warranty as well as a service back-up guarantee. Easy maintenance, hassle-free experience and a promise of genuine spare parts make it a smarter decision to settle for branded and energy-star products.Local products fail to provide you energy efficient features. Thus, it is better to go with quality products.

4. Go for the gadgets which can be helpful in multiple usage in your home.
These days we are free to use our products from a wide range of different multi usage gadgets. Think about a mobile phone you can use it as a communication and entertainment device too! Some times as a calculator and photography device also!

Multi-purpose products will help you as efficient, energy saving and cost cutting gadgets Shilpa Coolers are built with the thought that they can act as your electricity saving partners!


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